Viewing today's dusk from the backyard.




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We received this sweet little lamp several weeks ago from an Etsy shop called Paladim. I think it is rather perfect for a our small home.  Great for extra light in tight spaces like in the kitchen, bathroom, or hallways. The owner, Dimitar, is really sweet and enthusiastic about his shop. Recommend. We ordered the Plat I in walnut.



Ceramics, lately

Currently I am wrapping up a handbuilding ceramics class that I started a few months ago. I have taken a few classes in the past - one in college and a few at local clay places. I got this idea in my head that I should just take a class and make some things for our home, which would be a lot cheaper compared to commissioning a potter or ordering from far away stores like Analogue Life. I remember now why I never pursued ceramics beyond those classes. The covering with plastic, the waiting, the checking, the drying, the bisquing, the glazing, the firing, and the mess - just for a simple little vase or dish which may or may not turn out anything like what you had envisioned. In my case, nothing at all is turning out like what I had envisioned.  Disappointing, but I'm starting to accept, even appreciate(?) the unintended results.

Anyway, here are a few of my first pieces. A candle stand, a small cylinder, an unglazed decorative bowl, and a small bud vase.



Taking a moment to admire happy culinary creations along the way. 

for sale

Hello internet! I have a handful of beautiful garments for sale over on ebay here. If you are interested in anything, I'll glady offer free shipping within the US to any readers of this here blog. If you are not in the US, contact me and we'll work something out.


Today, around the neighborhood.






Went to the Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary yesterday and walked their lovely trails. Saw lots of cairns, but not too many birds yet.





Went on a quick after-dinner stroll around the neighborhood. Noticing new growth each time I step out!




12 PM shadow. 



David Pike

Charming ceramic bowls by David Pike made in Nara, Japan. All works are fired in a wood fueled kiln and glazed with natural material glazes. Most of his bowls average around $62 and that includes shipping, tracking and insurance. Check out more of his work via his accessible Etsy shop here and his blog here.