pause   .       .                   . 


Wishing you all a joyous holiday ! 

a new year awaits .        .               .  


* foraged greenery for the kiva    .  .         .


greek yogurt + honey + almonds


Fading daylight and bowl of pine cones .   .   .


A friend recently introduced me to the world of hot water bottles and I'm officially hooked.  Oh my word. I do not know how I was ever without one.  I knitted a nice cover for it, of course.  I recently started a Ravelry account — any fellow Ravelry users out there? You can find me here.


i'm at peace now that it is autumn.

been doing a good amount of re-arranging and organizing lately — 

deeply inspired by "Into Great Silence."  it's a documentary about daily life at the Grande Chartreuse, a monastery nestled deep in the French Alps.  i suggest watching this film slowly over the course of several days, little bits at a time, to keep your good focus.  it's absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. . . 

*bottom photo*:  a few coasters i made out of a dress that never fit quite right. 


sober home vibes .  .   .


daily ritual: brewing twig tea