i'm at peace now that it is autumn.

been doing a good amount of re-arranging and organizing lately — 

deeply inspired by "Into Great Silence."  it's a documentary about daily life at the Grande Chartreuse, a monastery nestled deep in the French Alps.  i suggest watching this film slowly over the course of several days, little bits at a time, to keep your good focus.  it's absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. . . 

*bottom photo*:  a few coasters i made out of a dress that never fit quite right. 


sober home vibes .  .   .


daily ritual: brewing twig tea


.   .    . beautiful sumi-e paintings by Laszlo Thorsen-Nagel

p.s. takashi sogo has an etsy shop now !


stems from our fringed sage plant .   .   .
to use later as kindling.


Inspired by the various tutorials on the internet on how to turn ugly plastic mini blinds into roman shades, I decided it was time to consider window treatments for our place. Since we rent our condo, disassembling the mini blinds was out of the question, unfortunately. So instead we jerry-rigged the curtains to function along with the blinds, keeping the blinds intact. I used basic un-dyed muslin which made for a very inexpensive project. It didn't quite materialize as I had envisioned in my head (does anything ever?), but I am pretty satisfied with the results nonetheless .  .   .


it only took a few short weeks,
to learn that nettle is no good for dish rags
hole after hole after hole.
i've wound the hemp (again, by hand), 
and hope that it will fare better.


~ small metal tools