.   .    .       around the Valles Caldera National Preserve area

"elk land" 




+ sock in progress 
 both knitted with 100% wool

how is it almost february ?


hat for sale

Happy New Year!
I've been knitting up a storm this winter. 
A vest, a hat, and now I'm knitting socks. 

The hat is up for grabs if anyone is interested. It is made with super soft yarn consisting of 70% undyed merino wool and 30% undyed alpaca fiber. Unfortunately it makes my forehead itch as the skin on my face is so sensitive, yet holding it in my hands doesn't bother me one bit. Thought I'd see if anyone here would be interested in it.

I'm asking $35. That includes domestic shipping within the U.S. I'm happy to ship to other countries for a little extra. :-D

Email me at mlchamlee AT gmail DOT com if interested!


a few images that i took last month of kumi's beautiful house.