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Yesterday, I turned 30. I ate blueberry french toast, finished sewing a dress (pictured), and went on a hike. A good day.



Foliage from the Farmers Market  .     .         .

Monsoon season has begun  !



Recent firings by my friend Bonnie   .     .       .

Always an inspiration  !



we bought a grill   !

charred corn husks     .           .        .    


l i g h t

*         *             *                *



t a r a

My friend Tara recently emailed me some images of her pottery collection,
pieces by C├ęcile Daladier, Takayuki Watanabe, and others.

We share an obsession for pottery.

Here are two of those photos—

aren't they g o r g e o u s ?

And she made that weaving in the first photo.



this is the first place i've rented that has some outdoor space.

it ain't much, but it's perfectly enough. 

we planted some various wildflower seeds in the garden area and now we eagerly await our yields .    .    .



bottom shelf     :   

a wad of washed and dried heavy weight canvas waiting to be made into totes.

top shelf   :   

small checked cotton/linen blend waiting to be made into my 2014 summer uniform dress and a piece of felt from the 2013 Taos Wool Festival - project still undetermined.



At some point I stopped caring about fashion shoes .   .       .

focusing more on comfort and practicality.

So naturally I bought 

                                                                these Aurora shoes last month

could not be happier.


dainty foliage, today.

 like tiny stars on the ground.